Tuesday, October 30, 2012


F. Gray Gray

Kurt Wimmer

Gerard Butler
Jamie Foxx
 Leslie Bibb
Colm Meaney and others

Bloody, violent, gruesome, unethical and frankly unbelievably unbelievable, this movie makes a mockery of the judicial system and attempts to get away with it. With an ending most people found unfathomable this movie was trashed by the critics. But somehow I thoroughly enjoyed this no holds bar flick. With nothing worth mentioning in the acting, script or direction field this movie worked for me as a complete package.

Aarnav: The movie centers around extremely intelligent man who was a former assassin for the CIA(their best). But some how i fail to see how any of his assassination attempts were intellectual. No basis of what hes trying to achieve or why he is fooling around with some detective all in the name of revenge. The title makes no sense especially if Gerard Butler keeps breaking out of prison every time to assassinate people-It's hard to digest how he maneges to be a "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN".

Pranit’s Rating: 8/10
Aarnav's Rating:6/10