Monday, March 4, 2013


Maryam Keshavarz

Maryam Keshavarz

Sarah Kazemy
Nikhol Boosheri
Reza Sixo Safai and others

Circumstance is an Iranian movie made by debutant director Maryam Keshavarz. Now what really drew me to this movie was the unconventional plot. Keshavarz is blessed with truckloads of talent but unfortunately that only includes the direction part, her writing is sub standard to say the least. The first thirty minutes keep you interested but after that, the script nosedives into obscurity.

The story revolves around Atafeh (Nikhol Boosheri) and Shireen (Sarah Kazemy) who develop feelings towards one another but blame the "circumstances" for not being able to do much about it. The plot is complicated further with the addition of Atafeh's brother Mehran (Reza Sixo Safai). He has feelings for Shireen and resorts of extreme methods in order to satisfy his needs. The only well written scene comes somewhere within the first thirty minutes of the movie, when Mehran pushes a drug addict he meets in the mosque away, while another man helps him by giving him food. This scene is well captured.

 Keshavarz naivety is apparent from her handling of the scene when the characters talk about dubbing Sean Penn's Milk. The dialogues elicit laughs at the sheer awkwardness with which they are delivered and do not work. Another problem I faced while watching this movie was the risque content. The scenes of intimacy are beautifully captured but they are far too many and it spoils the impact of the movie, which is seductive at first but transcends into senseless glob of amateurish writing.

The performances of the lead actors is commendable considering that most of them including Sarah Kazemy and Nikhol Boosheri are first-timers. It is sad that the people associated with this movie have lost their right to enter Iran but what is even sadder is that they lost it because of a movie that promises much but delivers precious little.

Pranit’s Rating: 5/10