Sunday, June 23, 2013


Dan Scanlon

Robert L. Baird
Daniel Gerson
Dan Scanlon

Billy Crystal 
John Goodman 
and others

Monsters University is a prequel of the brilliant 2001 animated flick Monsters Inc. Now the story pretty much deals with how Mike and Sullivan become the best of friends in college. The voice-overs are top notch and Mike and Sullivan are endearing characters. This movie is very well produced and as expected from Disney and Pixar, the animation is top notch but the place where this particular movie fails is charm.

Now the main reason for this is its script. Even though it is well written, it seems recycled and consists of every college cliche possible. Predictable all the way through this movie lack imagination like some of the recent Pixar movies (read Brave and Cars 2). Dear Pixar we want more movies like Up, Wall E and Ratatouille and less like the ones released in the past two years.

I am not saying that this movie is bad, it is more than watchable and deserves your time. But the sense of deja vu is unmistakable and thus makes the movie more forgettable and less memorable.

Pranit’s Rating: 6.5/10