Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Louis Leterrier

Ed Soloman
Boaz Yakin

Basically everyone the makers could get their hands on and others

Let me get down to the questionable choices made during the course of inception to execution in this movie. The production house decides to hand a movie with an expected budget of 75 million to the guy who bought us the utterly ridiculous Clash Of The Titans.Usually I would say too many cooks spoil the broth for a movie that boasts of many writers and a flaccid script but in this case I don't think anything could have saved it.

The execution of the script though is spot on, if the director was indeed going for a movie with so much style and precious little substance. Kudos to you sir. The first magic act is directed like a X Factor or a Voice episode. The action sequence and the car chase sequence is so terribly edited that it makes you yawn. The only saving grace, direction and editing wise is the sequence just before the car chase, in which Ruffalo and Franco engage in a hand to hand combat.

The actors put up a brave front but ultimately how much of an obnoxious Eisenberg or a "Woody" Harrelson can you tolerate. Personally I loved Ruffalo in Avengers and have been a fan of his since Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, but somehow in this movie his greasy hair and self proclaimed disdain for magic just seemed farce. Even dependable actors like Caine and Freeman sleepwalk through their roles. Honestly I don't know how people could have actually enjoyed this movie.

Pranit’s Rating: 4/10