Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Juan Antonio Bayona

Sergio G Sanchez
Maria Belon

Ewan McGregor
Naomi Watts
Tom Holland and others

The Impossible is a movie based on the tsunami that hit Asia in 2006. Directed ably by Juan Antonio Bayona (which was something that I had a problem with in his first movie The Orphanage ) this movie is an emotional roller coaster which pulls at all your heart strings. Laced with abundant memorable scenes, this movie depicts the wrath of mother nature with imagery that shakes one to the very bones (especially the sequence when the tsunami affects Watts). The movie unearths a star in the making in the form of Tom Holland, who deserves an Oscar nomination at the very least.  McGregor is very good and the scene in which he calls up home really stirred me. This movie is not perfect and the heavy handed approach of the director is to be blamed, but it still makes a compelling watch.
Pranit’s Rating: 7/10