Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar

Gael Gracia Bernal 
Fele Martinez
Javier Camara and others

Bad Education is another Almodovar movie made for giving audience the creeps. Yes the movie is based on an interestingly disturbing concept but the inept execution along with Almodovar's love for graphic portrayal of scenes one wouldn't dare to imagine, let alone watch makes this a 'cum'bersome experience (the pun is totally intended). This movie consists of the heavy dosage of sex that Almodovar is so well known for bringing out in his movies. One of the problems I had with the script was that every single person in the movie was either a transvestite or gay. The other was Almodovar's fascination with being overly melodramatic when the scene required to be subtle. All this aside Gael Gracia Bernal gives an Oscar worthy performance playing numerous characters in this movie. The scenes with the child actors are amazing but unfortunately not much else is. I was a fan of Almodovar's style of film-making but this and The Skin I Live In just put me off. I wouldn't recommend this, not in a million years.

Pranit’s Rating: 4/10