Monday, February 18, 2013


William Friedkin

Ernest Tidyman

Gene Hackman
Fernando Rey
Roy Scheider and others

The French Connection is a vintage cop movie. Yes, racist potshot are taken for no apparent reason and there is also a scene with the good old cop in standing outside freezing while the bad guy eats a hearty meal but these minor glitches can easily be overlooked courtesy the stunning direction. The opening five minutes of the movie has no sound except the eerie background score. The director builds up the tension, expertly.

The chase sequence involving a train is exceptionally well shot. Most people may have a problem with the fact that for an action movie there is very little action but those who want a realistic portrayal of the work cops have to do will enjoy it. The acting of Gene Hackman is top notch and the supporting cast lends weight to the movie. If you liked End Of Watch you will surely enjoy this one.

Pranit’s Rating: 8/10