Friday, February 22, 2013


David Cronenberg

Steven Knight

Naomi Watts
Viggo Mortensen
Vincent  Cassel and others

Eastern Promises is Cronenberg's attempt at a Russian Godfather. Cronenberg's intentions are very noble but unfortunately heis given no substance to work with. Steven Knight's writing is amateurish at best and utterly laughable otherwise. The dialogues are layered with cliches and the "apparent" twists in the movies can be seen from a mile out.

The acting department also lets the movie down. Naomi Watts is very average in her rendition of a mid-wife, who is determined to find the relatives of a child whose mother died during her labour. The only saving grace in this movie is Viggo Mortensen who is chilling and his motives are never really clear, which makes his character a tricky one. Apart from him there is nothing really of note in the movie.

Pranit’s Rating: 5/10