Monday, February 4, 2013


Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson

Joaquin Phoenix
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Amy Adams and others

The Master is a film I am sure most of the audience didn't understand. What is the purpose of all that is being showing? Well this question passed my mind also, many a time but then I realized that the best way to enjoy this movie is not to try and interpret the contents on the screen but to view them an unbiased and open mind. Well you may ask whether this actually did help me or not. To be frank I am not sure. I still consider it to be a character study and it definitely works as that.

The Master for all its incongruity is a movie blessed with one of the most amazing performances in recent times. Joaquin Phoenix is surely my pick for the Oscar's this year. He alters his way of enunciation and walk, which adds depth to his potentially tricky character. Philip Hoffman Seymour is also very good and the scene in which he is calm in the prison while Phoenix is breaking stuff in his prison cell, is brilliantly shot and enacted. Don't go into the movie expecting anything and you will end up enjoying it.

Pranit’s Rating: 7/10