Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Quentin Taratino

Quentin Taratino

Jamie Foxx
Christoph Waltz
Leonardo DiCaprio and others

I have a rule in which I label a western movie as terrible before seeing it, but all rules have exceptions, this is one of them. Django Unchained is vintage Tarantino. Previously my favourite Taratino movie was Inglorious Bastards, because I thought that he could never best his opening sequence in that movie. Well how naive of me. Needless to say Django Unchained has the best opening sequence and the most bizarre background score (but it works!).

Christoph Waltz is definitely not going to be remembered as the actor who played Hans Landa but the actor who's performance rises above that of every talented actor in this modern day classic. He has the best dialogues, my favourite being when he tells Django(Foxx), "Its a German legend, there is always going to be a mountain" . The dialogue writing is terrific (my favourite is still Double Indemnity though) and this movie is loaded with humour that will make your sides ache from too much laughing.

 DiCaprio is sensational as always but this movie belongs to Tarantino who (literally) goes out with a bang. An eminently enjoyable script and top notch direction (as though he could ever go wrong with that) this is my favourite English movie (still loses out to A Separation  in the all time favourite category). Hats off to the only person who could have pulled this movie off. 
Pranit’s Rating: 9.5/10