Wednesday, January 23, 2013


David Benioff
D.B. Weiss

Lena Headey
Peter Dinklage
Michelle Fairley
Sean Bean and many many many more

Game of Thrones is not bad but labeling it as the best ever seems over than mildly overrating this series.

The top three things about this season:
1. The Characterisation: Even though the characters are adapted from the book, the writers have remained true to the original story-line and thus it has lead to believable characters and dirty politics even though the dialogue writing is not memorable.

2. The Direction: Each episode is directed with panache and charm which makes this show interesting.

3. PETER DINKLAGE: He is truly mesmerising in this show. I am pretty positive that I would not have been able to sit through the show without him.

The unbearable parts about this show:
1. The Writing: Okay this show maybe true to the book but the writers fascination with showing every character in each episode is irritating and unnecessary as some of them don't have anything to contribute to that particular episode.

2. The actors other than Dinklage, Lena Headey and Sean Bean (to some extent): It is a multicast show but the acting of some of the actors is amateurish. I personally don't like Kit Harington (John Snow) and John Bradley (Sam) one bit. The actors who are not amateurish are forgettable.

Well I am not a big fan of medieval fantasy adaptions so my review might be a little biased. This is a good show (I especially enjoyed the twist towards the end of the season!), there is no denying that but there are far better shows available as well. 

Pranit's Rating: 6.5/10