Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Tom Hooper

William Nicholson and others

Hugh Jackman
Anne Hathaway
Russell Crowe and others

Les Miserables is the worst of the Oscar nominated movies. Okay I may not be a fair judge of a musical but this movie is made to test the patience of the viewers. I liked The Sound Of Music because it had amazing songs and also consisted of dialogues. Les Miserables consists of two and a half hours of very forgettable music and the lack of dialogue soured my mood.

Leaving the faults behind (which is quintessentially the whole movie) Hugh Jackman is a revelation. He makes the movie endurable with his stunning performance. I would have handed the Oscar to him myself had it not been for Joaquin Phoenix. Anne Hathaway according to me should easily walk away with an Oscar for her performance as she steals the show with her short but extremely powerful performance. Russell Crowe delivers his worst performance to date and Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter got onto my nerves. Now I wouldn't recommend this movie, but the final decision is in your hands.  

Pranit’s Rating: 4.5/10