Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Mike Nichols

Buck Henry
Calder Willingham

Dustin Hoffman
Anne Bancroft
Katharine Ross and others

The Graduate is an extremely engaging watch. The only problem I had with this movie was its climax, which was overly melodramatic for my liking. Dustin Hoffman is a revelation and he delivers his best performance (according to me). Anne Bancroft is the main stand out as she brings a sense of lust and vulnerability in her role of Mrs. Robinson. The script is very good but the best part of this movie is Nichols direction which is truly stunning.

He brings raw sensuality into his characters without being graphic (something modern filmmakers ought to learn). From the fiery lust to the realization of true love, the transition is seamless and the emotions are captured wonderfully. The scene in which Anne Bancroft and Hoffman have a conversation, in bed and he gets angry and almost leaves leaves is the best directed one, as Nichols has his camera focused on Hoffman while Bancroft pulls her fishnet stocking and all he does is stare. This movie is a definite one time watch.

Pranit’s Rating: 7.5/10